Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Here! The Defy 5 Holiday Par-TAYYY!!!

Stay in the game this holiday season so you're not a statistic! Don't play catch up in 2015 with another BORING resolution to lose weight & get fit. Instead, let's set a goal to MAINTAIN, NOT GAIN with DEFY 5! With all the pre-holiday festivities and advertising to get us in the spirit, extra calories and stress are lurking everywhere.

Weight gain during the holiday season is common with many Americans gaining between one-five pounds. To boot, too often the weight is not lost and is the main contributor to the gradual increase most people see year-to-year. -Mayo Clinic

Join me and your inner athlete this holiday season! He/she knows the holidays are coming and it's not a time to go into deep hiding, it's also not a time to be rigid with our goals.  The holidays are social and should be relaxing and fun!  To get a little flavor for what Defy 5 and coaching by me looks like, catch me on The Mia Connect power chat reply where Lisa Lynn and I discuss, Staying Fit & Healthy During The Holidays. We get honest and have fun doing so!

In the video I share that your inner athlete will 
Defy 5 by remaining  flexibleintuitive and resilient, even in the face of pressures brought on by the season. 

With Defy 5 Your Inner Athlete Will Experience:
  • 5 Weekly Newsletters With Fitness & Movement Party Videos - no longer than 30-min (lifetime access to videos and information)
  • Key Tips For Scripting Setbacks To Survive Parties & Gatherings
  • Healthy Holiday Recipes 
  • Self-Care Tips to De-Stress & Remain In Touch With Your Inner Athlete
  • Motivation & Personal Accountability From Me & Defy 5 Participants In A Private Forum
  • An AWESOME Resolution For 2015! #InspiredActionIn2015
Master this holiday season with practice and consistency, not perfection. How far can you go this season to feel alive, healthy & joyful? Ask your inner athlete and see what they have to say! #Finish2014Strong
Client Praise - Online Programs14-Day Two-A-Day Challenge
  • Pushing myself with your workouts for as little as 15-30mins a day has big payoff in fitness gains and is very realistic to commit to.
  • My inner athlete is totally ignited in that my drive to be the fit person I once was has been sparked again.
  • The variety you provided in your workouts was really fun; I was never quite sure what to expect except that it would for sure be challenging!
  • The videos were very helpful and it was motivating having you 'do' the workout with me in that way.
  • Checking in through the forum was great for accountability.
  • By having the videos accessible, I am confident that when I travel or miss a day at the gym, I will still be able to get in a workout.  I have already accessed a workout when I was unable to stick to my usual schedule. Having this at my fingertips really takes away any excuse I can conjure as to whey I can't workout, as well as the stress I feel when I think I won't be able to workout.  How about those diametrically opposed emotions!
  • I'm 3.5 pounds lighter in 2-weeks! Unreal!
30-Day January PowerFit Challenge
  • I don't need an expensive gym membership!  I can get a good workout at home, in the park, etc., etc.  
  • Body weight workouts are total killers!  In just 4 short weeks I can see changes to my body and I feel stronger!  
  • If I commit to something, I can and will do it!  Especially with good guidance and support!  Thank you!