PowerFit Services

Stop being the person who wants to get in shape, but does not have the time or money.

I guarantee a FULL BODY WORKOUT in the first 30-minutes of your training session! You will walk away feeling energized & challenged – having pushed beyond your perceived mental and physical limits. If you are not motivated or moved to clear your mind of CAN'T - the workout is Free and on me! 

I make my services convenient for Busy clients who are struggling to find time to get in shape and eat well.  I do this by providing in-home and virtual training sessions, customizing fitness and nutrition programs, setting achievable goals, creating "anywhere" workout programs for busy professionals, moms and travelers, and educating all clients about making health a part of their lifestyle through the use of proven behavior change strategies.

Do you feel sluggish and tired most of the time with frequent visits to your coffee shop?

The ASH Fitness philosophy motivates people to be strong in mind and body by emphasizing health as a lifestyle.  The ASH health coaching method blends fitness training and education about healthy lifestyle practices that make wellness sustainable day-to-day. ASH Fitness works with adults and adolescents looking to take control of their health, and those already committed to maintaining and building upon health and fitness goals. 

Why settle for less than spectacular results?  
It’s time to take it to the next level!

ASH Fitness customizes services to meet your lifestyle needs!  Services can be purchased a' la carte or as a complete program. All my programs are adaptable to your individual needs and goals and include health assessments, goal setting, training sessions, exercise programming and nutrition education. Please contact Ashley for a FREE consultation to identify your needs. Pricing is determined based on individual needs and goals. 

  • In-person custom coaching packages include goal setting, body composition assessment, and a workout tracking system with weekly workout plans, and nutrition education.
  • Online custom coaching packages include goal setting, accountability meetings, unlimited email access, workout tracking system, exercise program plans and nutrition education.  
  • Weight loss and maintenance packages include goal setting, body composition assessment, exercise program plan, workout tracking system, nutrition analysis and education.
  • The frequent traveler package includes unlimited access to exercise plans and nutrition tips when you travel.
  • Small group or family include exercise plans and nutrition education.
  • Adolescent programs include positive messaging around body image, nutrition education and reducing sports related injuries.
  • Children and family play packages include creative ways to get families moving and playing together, along with nutrition education.
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 “The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline”. 
-Steve Smith