Monday, April 11, 2016

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Special Announcement: My 5-Week Igniting Your Inner Athlete Program Is Now Open!

This is a special invitation to join a Powerful Group Coaching Program to Igniting Your Inner Athlete. And what better time to start ... right as the holiday eating season begins! I believe this is a huge benefit to the program ... with support and guidance you'll be steps ahead of the game ... without getting bogged down in any worry, stress and anxiety that the season may bring.
Have you been disconnected from the powerful feelings of 
energy, aliveness, and strength that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete? Let's create a new reality for what works for you NOW! WAKE UP, GET REAL & START Playing! 

With the 5-week program you're provided with unwavering accountability, and the most efficient and effective steps in creating sustainable health habits that work for you. You'll feel energized, healthy in your skin and able to manage daily stress to stay ahead - ready for anything!  

Igniting Your Inner Athlete isn't only about weight loss and following a specific workout or meal plan strictly. It's about discovering your needs, desires and connecting to core values when it comes to creating a sustainable foundation for health. 

I love teaching people how to figure out what to eat, how to keep it simple, how to gain confidence, and what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I use education, inspiration and science!

In 5-Weeks you will: 
  • Ignite Your Inner Athlete!
  • Increase your energy 
  • Build confidence in maintaining a healthy life for YOU!
  • Learn the exact steps to take to feel energized and able to manage daily stress
  • Shift your perspective 
  • Understand healthy eating and proper nutrition
  • Get real about physical play!
  • Implement healthy habits customized to your needs
  • Discover what works for you and connect to your core values
  • Connect with like-minded folks and stay accountable 
Igniting Your Inner Athlete & Creating A Foundation for Sustainable Health 
  • Accountability via coaching calls and real time digital notebook 
  • Five weekly group coaching calls for support and guidance
  • Movement & Exercise - guide & resources included
  • Nutrition Choice & Behavior - guide & resources included
  • Self-Management & Care - resources included
  • You have complete email access to me for support!
Enroll in my Igniting Your Inner Athlete Program and receive support as we move into the holiday eating season. You'll start 2016 with a plan, new perspective and dedication for feeling healthy and strong in your body. Ditch the excuses of busy, exhausted, stressed that leave you feeling out of control and with an unhappy waistline. 

***When you sign up WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR (by 3:00 PM MST) you will get an additional training that will transform your world!
  • This training will propel you forward more quickly than any fitness or meal plan.
  • We’ll dive more deeply into the number one thing holding you back!
  • Four motivational & mindset exercises to move you forward!
To get what you want out of this life... FIRST you must take care of YOU!

This program is valued at $495 and for you - I'm offering it at only $197… 

Program Duration: Monday, October 26th - November 30th

With the 5-week program you're provided with unwavering accountability, and the most efficient and effective steps in creating sustainable health habits that work for you. You'll feel energized, healthy in your skin and able to manage daily stress to stay ahead - ready for anything!  Even the holiday eating season.

Igniting Your Inner Athlete & Creating A Foundation for Sustainable Health 
  • Accountability via coaching calls and real time digital notebook 
  • Five weekly group coaching calls for support and guidance
  • Movement & Exercise - guide & resources included
  • Nutrition Food Choice & Behavior - guide & resources included
  • Self-Management & Care - resources included
  • You have complete email access to me for support!
Here’s the deal….You would not be here if your health wasn’t important to you. You can do this! Just because life gets in the way, all you need to do now with your new awareness is to take a little step toward your desired result every day.One foot in front of the other. We often want immediate results, however when you think about it, you didn’t get where you are overnight. Practice patience with yourself instead of making huge changes all at once or by putting restrictions on yourself. Don’t do it alone either! Remember you’re creating a sustainable foundation, not a temporary change.

I know the commitment it takes to condition your body back to health. Self care, focus, strength, and the right support team is needed to reclaim and recapture your youth, so you can be ready for anything life brings you. This is what I have dedicated my life to now. Helping people just like you get back on track with the life they truly desire. 

It's so incredibly rewarding to witness my clients' transformations! So many come to me because they are stuck in a pattern and long for someone to show them a realistic and sustainable way of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.And through my health and fitness expertise, they leave feeling energized, good in their body and deeply confident in knowing they can have the body and life they really want. Let’s start awakening the athlete within. We know she or he is inside, waiting for you, waiting to get back in the game.

If you can relate, and are ready to feel energized and deeply confident in your body and life, let’s work together to make 2016 a life changing year

 This program is valued at $495 and for you - I'm offering it at only $197… 

Program Duration: Monday, October 26th - November 30th

If you still have questions, let’s connect offline {email me now to schedule an appointment}, so you can take your first step toward feeling energized, good in your body and deeply confident knowing you can have the life and body you really want.

I look forward to helping you Ignite A Healthy Lifestyle!

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Time For The 2015... 14-Day Two-A-Day Challenge!!!

Photo Cred: E.x. Lotus Fine Art Photography
August marked the return of football and a time when players suit up for two separate practices per day, it's a tradition known as "two-a-days."

As we transition from summer to fall our lives typically become more routine. Though, if you’re like me, you’re trying to hold onto every last minute of warmth and sunlight! Summer is a time for fun and play…. most often outdoors. As we head into fall and winter this changes. It takes a lot more drive and discipline to stay active and healthy. Good news is… as summer leaves us we can recapture your drive and discipline! There are no excuses, as - the kids are back in school, Labor Day is past, and the perfect time is now.  Head into the holidays with powerful tools and support under your belt!

*This challenge is for people looking to get back in the game. Maybe you’ve been sidelined due to an injury, illness or health challenge. Or life has gotten in the way and you’re ready to make your health a priority. Low impact exercises will be provided and exercises based on common ailments are considered.  

This online training will be divided into two sections:
One workout and a healthy eating challenge each day.  The program will be well balanced to allow recovery time over the two weeks.

1.     High intensity interval training that incorporates yoga and Pilates principles to     improve overall fitness and refine core conditioning.
·        You will receive 30-minute guided workout videos that can be done anytime, anywhere and don't require equipment. These workouts progress every 3-days and will help IMPROVE overall STRENGTH, 
               FLEXIBILITY and FITNESS! 

2.  Teaching strategies and tactics needed to make healthy eating choices.
·        I'll be your daily guide to building healthy eating habits.  For example: day one may be - eating your last meal of the day 3-4 hours before bedtime.  Day two-three will build upon day one... implementing the 3-hour before bedtime rule and let's say, adding in a green smoothie (recipes provided for meals and snacks).  By the end of the two weeks, you will have NEW TOOLS, a new PERSPECTIVE on healthy eating and some new HABITS!

Just like football players you will learn to execute each two-a-day "play" effectively, efficiently and reflexively without needing time for conscious thought or cognitive processing.  

To get you ready for the fall holiday season, this kick start program will provide accountability, daily guidance & motivation! It will require you to post daily in the private challenge forum once you complete the challenge for support and motivation.  The workouts will be progressive, and the food challenge will be cumulative, allowing you to implement 3-4 new and simple practices within two weeks.    

You will RECAPTURE the DRIVE and DISCIPLINE needed to live POWERFULLY and RELIEVE habitual ACHES & PAINS. 

The Challenge Begins Monday, October 5th

What people said about last year's Two-A-Day Challenge:

I felt the nutrition aspect of the challenge contained very realistic suggestions that helped to focus on a few good habits to build.

Trying to change is often overwhelming for me because I often try taking on every new habit at once. This challenge taught me to instead take them on one at a time. That felt great and feels sustainable.

By having the videos accessible, I am confident that when I travel or miss a day at the gym I will still be able to get in a workout. I have already accessed a workout when I was unable to stick to my usual schedule.  Having this at my fingertips really takes away any excuse I can conjure as to why I can't workout, as well as the stress I feel when I think I won't be able to workout.  How about those diametrically opposed emotions!  I also found it inspirational to see you go through the whole workout and to see you work hard.  It is a boost knowing it is hard for you too!

Pushing myself with your workouts for as little as 15-30 minutes a day has big payoff in fitness gains and is very realistic to commit to, it was a great launch-pad for improving fitness habits. Even after the challenge, I find myself seeking ways to sneak in more activity every day. The variety you provided in your workouts was really fun; I was never quite sure what to expect except that it would for sure be challenging! I can't believe how many unique workouts you cranked out for us over those 14 days. The videos were very helpful and it was motivating having you 'do' the workout with me in that way. Checking in through the forum was great for accountability and I loved the cumulative nature of the nutrition aspects of the challenge
- Kara 

I have been on a journey for the last 9 months that has led me into emotional health and now physical health. The hardest part of this journey has been getting started in regular exercise. Thanks for the encouragement and great idea to post this challenge to do with friends. Thanks Ashley for the amazing challenge. I intend to continue!!! I’m 3.5 pounds lighter. Unreal!

The accountability piece was huge for me! I know it is working - headed on a trip today and normally would never completed a workout, but I made it a priority!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Got -Upper- Back!

Building a sexy and strong back will not only improve your posture, it will also create a slender and lean look. That's all good but why do I really care about your back? 

Mostly because a majority of people - no matter how active - have limited mobility through their thoracic spine - mid-to-upper back. Most people carry tension in their neck and shoulders which increases the likelihood of pain and injury. I want to bring awareness to this part of your body and show you how to implement steps to help improve posture, create a healthy, flexible spine, and progress to mastering a pull up. 

We'll start with a very effective, yet underrated exercise - scap retracts - to increase range of motion and open up your shoulders and upper back. Your scaps are a postural muscle which means they aren't used for lifting but are used to maintain posture and balance. It's why you want to make sure you have mobility through your scaps and to properly warm them up prior to heavy lifting. 

It's also why - even if you're not into working out in the ways we're demonstrating - you should use scap retracts and face pulls to maintain healthy posture and mobility. Heck, you can even do these at your desk to keep posture from getting sloppy due to long hours sitting. But humor me and stand up to do them! 


Unpacked and Packed Shoulders - What Does This Mean?
Scap retracts and face pulls help open up your back and shoulders and are highly important before the next exercise. Otherwise you'll end up heaving your way up to the bar and that's not pretty. Hanging onto whatever muscle you can get a line of pull on can leave you stuck in your shoulders (anterior delts) and result in hyper-extension of your lumbar spine. Tamar Rosenfeld, Certified Instructor and Owner of Studio T demonstrates unpacked shoulders - a.k.a bricking, heaving, getting stuck - and healthy packed shoulders. By starting with packed shoulders, you'll be able to raise vertically into a scap and full pull-up. 

Who knew working out could be so intricate - advancing exercises is all about your bodies ability to problem solve by integrating movements that require balance, weight shift, stability, control, flexibility and strength working together. 

Unpacked & Packed Shoulders

Working With A Partner... What's Your Job?
Know your partner's habits and try to anticipate when they will break from form. You want to be ahead of them so they never break. The less you break from form practicing, the better you will become over time.

Partner Training - your partner is responsible for knowing the form too. If you can't find a knowledgeable partner, please reach out to me for some Private training sessions on form. 

My Buddy & Me

Sitting at the computer all week, our backs and shoulders get stiff and tight. We can compensate for our computer lifestyle with daily training movements. This sequence works to open up backs and shoulders - and improve pull-up form too. The first part of the sequence is essential for everyone, regardless of fitness level, to maintain a healthy upper back and posture. Use the full sequence for ensuring your pull-ups are a highly effective training movement for back strength and athletic power. 

Recap, Reps and Resistance

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Check Yo'Self Spring Challenge

I don't know about you, but I've already started day dreaming about warm summer weather. The changing of seasons is a time of renewal, and for most of us Spring Break is 4-6 weeks away.  The days are getting longer and we've seen a glimpse of spring weather between winter snowstorms. It's the perfect time to up our motivation for feeling strong and confident in our bodies. Spring and summer is a time we bare more skin so let's go into the season feeling healthy, confident and strong!

Let's get in gear for Spring with the Check Yo'Self Challenge. It's going to be 4-weeks of treating your body superbly which not only puts you on track, but also trains your mind and habits. You'll not only experience a better relationship with food... you'll look and feel better too! These are results you can sustain because I'm not about quick fixes whatsoever - you'll walk away with healthy strategies that work for you!

The challenge includes meal ideas/recipes, daily accountability with private facebook group, and 4-Plateau Busting workout videos with a weekly plan, and more! We won't completely eliminate food groups as part of this challenge, however:

Week 1: No processed foods, no added sugars, no alcohol whatsoever! It's only one week.

Week 2: We will allow ourselves a balance of 2! Two non-healthy treats and 2 drinks.

Week 3: We will take our balance from 2:1

Week 4: You'll be on your own - listening to your bodies signals and receiving strategy and accountability for moving forward.

You will discover that your cravings will be in check by eating natural, whole foods (lean proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains), and if you're not already doing so, you may find yourself paying particular attention to food ingredients.

Space is limited to 12 people - Sign Up Here!
Deadline to sign-up is Friday, March 6th.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Compete Like You're In First Place, Train Like You're In Second"

As an experienced trainer, I know what can happen from bad training and bad form. I'm trained to watch and correct form, so when I see it occurring in the gym, it actually pains me to watch! I try not to look, but it's my job, and so often I can't help but want to rush over and stop them, add corrections, help - especially older adults and at-risk populations. And for the show-offs who don't know any better, plain don't care (and ruin it for the rest of us), it only takes one or two of them to turn the weight room into a sea of douche baggery - and instead I should rush in with a lifeboat, paddle and name of a good physical therapist. Or maybe just hang a sign as a warning to others...
Warning: Filming A facebook Video of Hot Mess in Progress. Do Not Try This At Home!!!  

Convulsing, Contorting, Chicken Necking
Form, focus and control are essential for growth and healthy progress. Often our eagerness to achieve results - or lack of awareness and knowledge - can lead to convulsing, contorting and chicken necking (among other form violations). We've all seen people at the gym who look as if they are convulsing, contorting or chicken necking their way through an exercise. Maybe you have felt this way at one point or another. It's OK - there's a learning curve for sure, and it's not always easy to see an exercise and repeat it on your own without direct feedback and practice. Learning and executing proper form and movement patterns is important to achieving results and avoiding injury. The 3 C's should only be performed on the dance floor - late night - in the dark, dark.

While you may be tempted to go along and imitate the bad form of the "hot messes" out there, your workout is a chance to take yourself seriously. Your form matters. It carries into everything you do in life.

Showing off, trying to impress others and jumping on the latest fitness fads may be tempting, but they are no substitute for what the masters have taught for thousands of years. Conscious, mindful and intentional training creates a conscious, aware athlete and enables power, efficiency and even grace (like the flow of a pro running back). Give yourself permission to train in an optimal way. This leads to lasting, healthy results from your training and creates more power and energy in your daily life and athletics.

Get Jiggy With It 
Here's a great rowing series that is an example of training for coordinated movements, especially athletic endeavors that demand overhead skill and power. A total body movement excellent for posture, shoulder mobility, core control under tension and a healthy spine. The at home mat version of this rowing series can be done by tying a medium thera band around a sturdy pole or object about foot height.

Making sure our bodies are properly prepared for the stress placed upon it both inside and outside the gym is vital for a pain-free quality of life. A strong back and healthy shoulders are important for avoiding crappy trappy and/or shoulder impingement that can occur when pushing or pressing with improper form, and with heavy load as muscle fatigue sets in. Shoulder impingement accounts for 40-65 percent of reported shoulder pain and often persists for up to a year in some cases - National Academy of Sports Medicine. Persistent shoulder pain can result in degenerative changes to shoulder structure and mechanics.

Everybody needs a partner or trainer to help with proper form and muscle activation -- even me! I'm open to trying new forms of exercise to enhance my training, and I love learning new ways of working. My clients benefit directly because I can always teach new things to help them grow! Form & Function = RESULTS. Are you seeing the results you desire? Leave a comment below!

As the great Warren Buffett says, "3 up, 0 down" ... 
If your training isn't yielding results - train smarter. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Start 2015 By Training Smarter, Not Harder

We're in the second full week of 2015 - are you back on track after the holidays? I'll have to admit, I'm not at my peak. Yes, I'm eating well and exercising, however not at the level my inner athlete craves. Don't let me fool you, I am not being hard on myself about this whatsoever. I know I'll get back in the game and hit my peak, then go beyond it. This is what consistency looks like for me. It's a lifestyle, and similar to a marathon the pace/intensity varies. There are specific and smart training tools that lead to long-term success. 
Here are a few reminders to help you train smarter, not harder in 2015:

If I haven't already convinced you to jump on the “Planning Ahead” bandwagon, here's one more try, it is the best way to staying fit and healthy. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what happens when you don’t plan ahead, shall we?

It’s lunchtime and you’re at work. You didn’t bring anything to eat, so you have to go out but you also have a project deadline in a few hours. Your inner athlete is freaking out because he/she needs fuel to function! There’s no time to visit a sit-down restaurant, so you dash into your favorite local eatery across the street, knowing they also have a nice selection of foods to choose from.

Once inside, you choose a sandwich, assuming it’s a healthy choice. Unfortunately, what you don’t realize is that even though each looks fresh and healthy... these packaged sandwiches are highly processed and contain high amounts of sodium and sugar. Much higher than a homemade sandwich. Doh!

Now you're back at work and the 3 pm cravings kick in... we all know how this story ends.

Nutrition Tip: When choosing packaged foods follow the 10:1 rule - go for foods that have 1 gram of fiber for every 10 grams of carbohydrates. These tend to have fewer added sugars than other packaged foods. -Harvard School of Public Health

Plan Your Food

The scenario I outlined above could easily have been avoided if your inner athlete had pulled it together to plan and prep some meals ahead of time.

Imagine this: last night when you cooked that delicious chicken breast for dinner you also made extra to eat for lunch. You popped it in some Tupperware along with some greens, and voila. Now you have a lunch to brag about (that won’t leave you feeling grumpy in the middle of the day, either).

Yes, it requires a little bit of forethought and organization (you should see my parents' fridge!). When you’re at the grocery store, you’ll need to purchase extra food so you’ll have leftovers. But the payoff far outweighs the trouble: you’ll end up saving money and reaching your health & fitness goals at the same time. P.S. my mom is a professional when it comes to planning and prepping food and she still finds it to be a struggle. She says she can make it Sunday to Thursday with prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for two. This is not to discourage you, but meant keep you from being hard on yourself and giving up. But... your inner athlete never gives up! Be SMART by starting small and building from there.

Plan Your Exercise

When it comes to exercise, set aside time in your calendar to go to the gym or workout at home, even if you only have 10-minutes. When you actually set an appointment to exercise, it suddenly becomes and event that’s not to be skipped.

Even better, make an exercise date with a friend. An accountability buddy is one of the most effective ways to make sure you’ll be at the gym when you said you would be. The promise I made to my buddy kept me accountable on New Years Day when all I wanted to do was sleep. I felt so much better after the workout and we had fun!

PSST! Here’s a little tip: the more solid your work out routine at home, the easier it will be to hit the hotel gym when you’re on a business trip because you’ll be so used to honoring your work out appointment.

Work Your Plan Yep, I said it: work your plan! Getting into a routine is a big thing. The more regularly you plan your food and exercise, the more they’ll become second nature and staying fit and healthy will start feeling like a cinch, even after the holiday season.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to make a plan when you don’t even know where to begin. It can be extremely helpful and motivating to sit down with a fitness strategist/trainer to create a food and exercise plan that really works for you, even when you’re traveling. This is also the case when you hit a plateau and aren't seeing the results you once did and still desire.

If you’re ready to take a serious look at where you are and where you desire to be, let's set-up a free 30-minute phone consultation and begin creating a plan for success! Are you training smarter?