Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: Fitness Myths

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: Fitness Myths Five #Fitness Myths & Truths.  Break some common fitness myths and get tips on how to focus on "health" care, not "sick" care.  #ashfitness #health #parademagazine #sverve

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jumping In The Deep End Without Float-eees

Exposing myself has most likely been my biggest weakness up to this point.  It still makes me uncomfortable, yet I realize exploring why it's uncomfortable, yields a much greater return than staying in the shallow end with my feet on the bottom. I am learning to embrace exposure as a business owner and in my personal life. I'd say within the last 6 months, I'm light years ahead of where I was. The shift was due in part to a few circumstantial events in my life.  The first was being laid off from a job I wasn't very happy in. The second was a car accident, it was my second to be exact, and caused again by someone who was driving irresponsibly. I learned that NASCAR driving really isn't my thing. 
No fun. But Lucky.

The great thing about these events were they forced me to get clear about what I want in life and begin on a path to achieving my dreams.  Now... this all didn't happen in one fell swoop and I wouldn't have wanted it to. If it had, I would have missed meeting some amazing people who taught me how to be more patient, kind, believe in and take care of myself. I also learned how capable I am of living in the moment. 

Rewind to the time in my life that I was working a job I felt great pride in, yet wasn't an ideal situation for many reasons, including my personality type and strong determination to keep the pace at a level most people don't feel comfortable with.  Not only do I like to move physically, but I like feeling movement in the energy surrounding me - stagnant makes me want to scream, freak out and lose hope in mankind - basically it's a monstrous energy drain.  When I finally figured this out, I was able to direct my energy toward endeavors that make me feel alive. Some would say working out 8-10 hours each week would kill them, however I had the time and never felt more energized and focused.  My time spent working out was not frivolous in nature.  Exercise helped move me past the barriers I created in my mind and showed me that injuries cause setbacks, but they don't have to be a life sentence. 

I share this story, not because I enjoy talking about myself, but because everyone experiences hardships, setbacks and other ugly circumstances life can offer.  We can never put ourselves in the shoes of another, however we can all relate to one another on a few simple things.  The first, I listed above and the other "relate-able" lessons are forthcoming.  

After leaving my job, I planned to continue on in a traditional career path as a public health professional.  I tried hard, but it just wasn't in the cards - I interviewed my heart out and completed many fruitless interview projects. Among the rejection... opportunities to participate in health & fitness related endeavors kept popping up. Exploring this space and how I could integrate my passion for movement with my love for motivating others, and my background in public health, pushed me to start my own business. I mean, what did I have to lose? To reach this point I had to become very honest with myself, open, clear and speak up.  

To answer my own question - I have nothing to lose. We (you) are our #1 advocates and resource in this life. When we're fueled by things we love, we are at our best and life comes into balance. I simply could have fallen victim to circumstance, however that would not have served me or anyone surrounding me very well.  Bad things happen to good people and good people do bad things.  When bad, inconvenient or hurtful things happen, we need to let go and surrender to the circumstance without allowing our ego to take over. Easier said than done, right, but awareness and practice go a long way.  

My experiences over the past year were much like an eat, pray, love journey played out on the streets of Denver, CO. Not as cultural as visiting Italy, India and Indonesia, however filled with self-love and discovery. I was able to find balance and one I have never previously encountered. Instead of fear, my heart is filled with love, instead of worry, my mind is filled with positive aspirations. Life is unpredictable with new lessons to learn, however finding my flow, I'm bound to stay afloat in the deep end.

What's your biggest fear and how have you embraced overcoming it?  
Leave your comments below.  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Reason to Celebrate!

Exciting news!  My article, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: 5 Fitness Myths & Truths," will be published in Parade Magazine next week!  I'll be featuring a BONUS that will help get you on track to reaching your goals!  Subscribe to my blog, sign up at AchievePowerFit, or follow me on Facebook at ASH Fitness, so you don't miss out!
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Stay Motivated When Life Gets Overwhelming!

We've all been here - things
don't go as planned, we're over
thinking and stressing about
everything. OVERWHELM!
The hamster needs to step off
its wheel already!

It's hard making a decision
about anything - let alone what to eat. This is when we call a
trusted friend and go out for
drinks or sit down in front of
the TV and numb our mind
with food.  

We react in one of two ways when overwhelmed:
  1. We freeze up, can't make decisions, avoid issues, and hope the problem will go away - which causes an  undercurrent of depression and helplessness.
  2. We make snap, emotionally based decisions - that come  from a place of fear - which often creates even more  problems. This type of reaction often results is emotional eating.

Luckily, there's a third option!  It's choosing what we focus on.  It's that simple! The #1 factor in determining happiness is how we direct our thoughts.

YOU and only you are responsible for the series of
decisions and these decisions direct and determine the
course of YOUR day. YOU can choose to focus on the
negative, and keep attracting it. Or YOU can focus on
possibilities - on what's good in your life -
PRACTICE GRATITUDE. The energy you choose is the
energy you project - and the energy you attract.

Boxing is an activity that allows me to refocus my
energy. If you've ever
taken a boxing class you
know it requires intense
focus and discipline so
you simply don't hurt
yourself or the person
you're partnered with.
It's energizing and
develops MAD shoulder, back and core strength.

It also creates mental clarity - punching is very therapeutic!
The thing I'm all wound up about before class begins,
dissipates and leaves me with the feeling of accomplishment and having done something awesome
& healthy for myself!

Remember the emotional eating downfalls I mentioned?  
What activity helps refocus your attention? 
If you can't pinpoint one, I challenge you to find one! This way you can stop yourself from mindlessly eating a bag of cookies, chips, a pint of ice cream or drinking too much.  I'm not saying - don't enjoy yourself, food and life - 
I AM saying, don't let your emotions constantly drive the bus.
Become aware of when this begins happening and take a different course of action.

When you feel out of sorts... remind yourself, "I'M IN CONTROL! Sometimes things get overwhelming and off track, that's life! I'm a positive, happy person - I'm human and make mistakes, just like everyone else".

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