About Me

Strong Minds Believe, Fit Bodies Achieve
You never know what you're capable of until someone asks, and it's always good to be prepared!
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Hello Friends!  

I'm Ashley DePaulis, a health and fitness enthusiast who found her heart and home in Colorado about 10 years ago.  My passion for health & fitness presented itself in the third grade.  I sat by a girl, Brittany, in class who others made fun of for being heavy and more developed.  I'm surprised to this day that at such a young age, I had the innate sense to help Brittany instead of joining the club of people who teased her.  I remember thinking about how to ask Brittany if I could help without offending her.  My plan unfolded perfectly, I was able to ask Brittany in such a manner that she wasn't offended and both our parents agreed to me riding the bus home with her one afternoon.  Being in third grade my plan for helping Brittany was not made based on exercise training theory or behavior change models, however what I knew was that we needed to play and eat a healthy snack.  I mean, that's what all kids do, right?!  Brittany and I played outside jumping rope, doing jumping jacks and I had her run the stairs inside her house.  Brittany thanked me, but never invited me over to "PLAY" again!   At the time, little did I realize that for people to change, they need to want change for themselves, it can't be for anyone else.            

ACADEMIC & Certification CRED:

  • Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior from the University of South Carolina, Arnold J. Norman School of Public Health -2007.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte -2003.  
  • Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a fitness trainer and teaches classes at Denver's Cherry Creek Athletic Club. 
  • Mad Dogg Athletics, Johnny G. SPINNING Instructor and American Heart Association, CPR/AED certified.

Ashley has written and co-authored about 20 health related publications ranging from clinical exercise physiology and cardiovascular aging to public health and chronic disease policy, including healthy eating and active living; physical activity; prevention, wellness and health reform; cardiovascular disease; and Alzheimer's disease topics.