Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Time to SIGN-UP for Daily PowerFit Challenge!

Hi Friends! If you haven't heard... I'm hosting a FREE, ONLINE health & fitness challenge starting January 2nd- January 31st! 

* Developing a new healthy habit of your choice (ideas below). We all have at least one thing we want to change!  
* Weekly body weight workouts designed by me that you can do anytime, anywhere and with anyone - no equipment needed and modifications provided!
* Nutrition tips for feeling energized throughout the day and minimizing food cravings!
* Tons of support in the private group of #DailyPowerFit participants!

SIGN UP NOW & BY JAN. 1 - free! To join please visit Achieve PowerFit and enter your name and email (no spam or information sharing) to ensure you are on the exclusive list! Invite your friend's to join too! TAKE A CHANCE ON YOURSELF & BE AMAZED!!!

Let’s end 2013 with a BANG and start 2014 with MOTIVATION!  Good habits aren’t easily made, but it only takes 21-days to build a habit.  That’s easy, right?!  Your answer should be, YES, IT’S ONLY 21 DAYS!  Time will pass regardless, so why not do something for YOURSELF!  Make a change you’ve been contemplating for some time, it can be anything - One habit. One priority. #30daychallenge #justonething #sustainablechange 

Ideas - don’t let these limit you as I provided variety for all levels:

Physical Activity
* Take the stairs instead of the elevator
* Park further from the doorway at work and while shopping
* If you have a desk job, get up from your computer every hour and walk around and/or stretch
* Play on the playground with your kids
* Add yoga or pilates to your routine, especially if you do 
high intensity workouts regularly
* Limit screen time - TV and computer

* Add green smoothies to your food plan
* Don’t purchase the food item you always snack on when bored or stressed
* Replace a sweet treat with a fruit or veggie
* Replace pasta with spaghetti squash
* Keep your food choices clean (we’ll delve into this more)
* Plan meals & snacks around workouts (we’ll delve into this more)

Drink fewer calories
* Reduce the amount of soda you drink per day/week
* Drink more water – daily recommended amount is 64oz (add fruit or cucumber to flavor)
* Limit the amount of alcohol you consume 

Why settle for less than spectacular results? 

It’s time to take it to the next level!