Sunday, October 20, 2013

Human Capital - What Does It Mean To You?

The U.S. needs to increase its investment in the concept of human capital to create a more healthy and productive workforce.  This news is according to the World Economic Forum's Human Capital Index 2013, which analyzed 122 countries on four metrics including, health and wellness; education; workforce and employment; and "enabling environment"- infrastructure, legal framework and social mobility. Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab states that, "The key for the future of any country and any institution lies in the talent, skills, and capabilities of its people."

Based on index results, Europe is the role model for investing in human capital with 8 of its countries ranking in the top 10. Switzerland came in first overall with high scores in both employment and wellness.  Singapore ranked 3rd for high scores in education and employment and Canada came in at number 10 for very high scores in education.

Although the United States ranked 4th in workforce and employment, it placed 16th overall.  Results for health and wellness were not so great, the world's largest economy placed 43rd with its lowest scores in obesity and the effect of business on chronic diseases and stress.

Full report: The Human Capital Report

What do you think...  does your employer support work - life balance or provide incentives for being healthy?  Please share!