Monday, December 29, 2014

Check Yo' Self January Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge!

Starting January 5th you can wipe 2014 clean from all the holiday festivities and non-stop feeding frenzy - "Check Yo Self" and get back in the game! 

The challenge is $129.95 for 4 weeks and includes meal ideas & recipes, grocery lists, daily accountability from me and private forum group members, and 4-Plateau Busting workout videos with yours truly, and more! 

We won't eliminate food groups as part of this challenge - that's just not realistic or healthy, and your inner athlete knows this! - however here's what each week will look like, including 4-Plateau Busting workout videos:

Week 1: No processed foods, no sugar, no alcohol whatsoever! I think we've gotten enough over the holidays. Don't you? I know I did.

Week 2: We will allow ourselves a balance of 2 2 treats a week (anything unhealthy such as, pizza, fries, baked goods, etc), 2 healthy grains per day, 2 nights to drink alcohol.

Week 3: We will take our balance from 2:1. Vice grip.

Week 4: We will bump it back to a balance of 2.

You will discover that you can live without sweets and processed foods, and see that by eating 
by eating natural, whole foods (lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and minimal whole grains) will curb your cravings, increase your energy and any digestive issues, and blast fat! And if you're not already doing so, you may find yourself paying particular attention to the ingredients in your food.

Leave a comment below or message me at with questions & receive a link to sign-up! Space is limited to 12 people. #CheckYoSelf #IgniteYourInnerAthlete #TheASHFitness #BlastFat #CleanEating #PlateauBustingWorkouts