Thursday, August 28, 2014

14-Day Two-A-Day Challenge

August marked the return of football and a time when players suit up for two separate practices per day, it's a tradition known as "two-a-days."

Has summer separated you from your inner athlete? Let's spend time recapturing YOUR drive and discipline!  There are no excuses - the kids are back in school, Labor Day is past, and the perfect time is now.  Live Powerfully!

*This challenge is for all fitness levels, and low impact exercises will be provided.  

This online training will be divided into two sessions:
One workout and a healthy eating challenge each day.  The program will be well balanced to allow recovery time over the two weeks.
  1. High intensity interval training that incorporates yoga and Pilates principles to improve overall fitness and refine core conditioning.
    • You will receive 30-minute guided workout videos that can be done anytime, anywhere and don't require equipment. These workouts progress every 3-days and will help IMPROVE overall STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and FITNESS!
  2. Teaching strategies and tactics needed to make healthy eating choices.
    • A certified clinical nutritionist will be your daily guide to building healthy eating habits.  For example: day one may be - eating your last meal of the day 3-4 hours before bedtime.  Day two-three will build upon day one... implementing the 3-hour before bedtime rule and let's say, adding in a green smoothie (recipes provided for meals and snacks).  By the end of the two weeks, you will have NEW TOOLS, a new PERSPECTIVE on healthy eating and some new HABITS!
Just like football players you will learn to execute "plays" effectively, efficiently and reflexively without needing time for conscious thought or cognitive processing.  

To get you ready for the fall season, this kick start program will provide accountability, daily guidance & motivation! It will require you to post daily in the private challenge forum once you complete the challenge and the percent you completed.  The workouts will be progressive, and the food challenge will be cumulative, allowing you to implement 4-5 new and simple practices within two weeks.    

You will RECAPTURE the DRIVE and DISCIPLINE needed to live POWERFULLY and RELIEVE habitual ACHES & PAINS.